Encouraging Words

Hi all.

I have been feeling a little bummed about my most recent NS visit, so I though I would type out one of my favorite poems to the group. It helps me, so I hope you enjoy it


All tings in life

are dedicated to the purpose

of expanding awareness.

One never discards a portion of oneself.

One merely transforms it into Light

until the entire being is Light.

This is a minutely slow process.

You may feel as though

you are standing in the same place

as you were a month ago,

and yet you are not.

You have a month more

of life experience, and therefore

you are more aware

than you have ever been.

I say this to erase discouragement

I do not say it to obliterate effort.

The more conscious the striving

the more rapid the growth.


Sorry about my typos. tings=things

Thank you for posting that Emmanuel, I love it too!