What doctors in the UK have you found to be knowledgeable and helpful with Chiari?

Positive reviews only, please.


There is a Chiari consultant or Neurology Consultant in Kings Hospital who was quite helpful. When I didn't know what I should or should not do, he helped me. He didn't pressure me to have the operation and said how its a personal decision. he just told me not to get involved in physical sport or sport that involved being pushed around.

Mr Richard ashpole neurosurgeon at queens medical centre Nottingham, was amazing, incredibly supportive and very knowledgeable! Cannot recommend enough!

Thank you, ladies! Very helpful.

I too had Mr Ashpole to do my op a very comforting surgeon with a great sense of humour lovely man

Hi mitzi I loved his little colourful bow ties! They always made me smile! Really pleased to speak to someone who also experienced the wonder that was Mr ashpole!

Mr Magdum from Oxford hospital was very reassuring and I fully trust him to do my operation in August!

Hi Katie he also has a jacket with skull design on the lining such a lovely man lol

Amazing lol!.

Does anyone know of anybody in Scotland? I just feel I have been cast adrift

I had surgery at Glasgow SGH (now queen Elizabeth uni hospital) by Ms Jennifer Brown. She is lovely, explains well, very caring and knowledgable. There were 3 othe surgeons on neurosurgery ward and they also were good with chiari
I see this is fro. June did u find someone.

Hi, good to hear of these guys, can anybody recommend a neurosurgeon in the South of England with Chiari 1 and Hypermobility experience?

Mr Andrew Kay queen Elizabeth Hospital birmingham (uk)