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Hi, can anybody recommend a neurosurgeon in the South of England with Chiari 1 and Hypermobility experience please? I cannot get the doctors list to load. Thank you.

Poppy! Welcome to the Chiari forum. Sorry the Doctor’s list is giving you trouble: it is outdated and should be replaced.

I used the search engine (magnifying glass, to left of the avatar, upper right) for “UK doctor” and found an old thread that you might want to revive. Just ask your question again, on that thread, and the others will get a notification of your comment.

You never know: why not give it a go?

Seenie from ModSupport

I’ve done a quick search for you, Poppy, and came up with only one name, but it looks like a good lead:
He appears to be a very experienced surgeon, and he was listed as having a special interest in Chiari on this page:
I hope this helps a little bit!

Thank you. Sheffield is a long way for me, several hours so was hoping to find someone more local or London. I have done as you suggested thank you and revived the old thread and also emailed the brain and spine trust. Just using google I found Ali Nader-Sepah but would prefer to hear recommendations.

Yes, distance is an issue, but when you have a rare condition, the doctors who are experts are also rare. I don’t have Chiari (I’m a different zebra) but I travel 6 hours by car, stay overnight, and do 6 hours back in order to see a really top-drawer, experienced specialist. It’s worth every moment of travel and all the expense because the treatment I get is bang on. No going back for another try, no months spent wishing there were a better treatment.

Don’t underestimate the value of seeing the very best specialist that you can manage. If had Chiari, I’d be looking for someone with a great deal of experience in that type of surgery.

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Would u travel to birmingham

Hi it depends, can you recommend someone? I have booked an appointment with Mr Bassi in
London after reaching out on the Chiari Facebook page, he is also on the document produced by


however, depending on what he says I may want a second opinion. Thank you for coming back to me.

No problem. Just a little heads up. Look up the queen Elizabeth Hospital birmingham consultants. Mr Kay is worth checking out x

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