Vision problems?

Hello my fellow Chiarians,

I am wondering if anyone has had any changes to their vision since being diagnosed with Chiari?


vision issues are what led me to my diagnosis of CM1.

I had the same visual field loss on three separate visual field tests. Lost sight in my left eye prior to those tests for about 30m and it slowly returned. the ER said it was a chalazion (clogged oil gland) and to put warm compresses on it.

I saw a new doc for the 2nd and 3rd visual field tests and was referred to a retinal specialist who determined there was nothing wrong with my eyes and he ordered an MRI...the MRI was when I found out I had Chiari, 11mm herniation w/crowding. Saw a NS and he said the eye issues were not CM related. Its been about 6months now and there has been no changes. I have 20/15 vision due to having PRK in 2012 but if I look at a grid straight on the upper left quadrant in my left eye is blurry.