Update on Alexa :) 9 months Post Op

Alexa is off all the medications and is doing great! She's back to school full time and getting straight A's. She's playing Junior Team Tennis and having a ball. Her recovery was quite the rollercoaster ride however she's definitely going in the right direction and, except for the lovely scar, you would never know she had the decompression surgery. Her birthday was January 8, and she's now driving with her learner's permit.

The followup MRI shows that the fluid is decompressed and the syrinx has shrinken by more than half. They believe it will continue to shrink now that her CSF flow has been restored.

She still gets headaches now and then, but a motrin does the trick. The numbness and tingling in her right neck, arm and hand is completely gone.

This forum is such a resource for a mom who is suddenly thrust into the Chiari world. While I wouldn't wish anyone to become a member of this club, if Chiari is the diagnosis, this is the forum to come for sanity, information and humor. Thank you all for being here.


Thanks Emmaline! I am so thankful!

Hi Jo Anne..

THANK YOU..for sharing with us !!!! I am so thrilled for your daughter and your entire family!

Praise God...

Lori and Beena…thank you and I do praise God every day. I will never ever take good health for granted. And Beeba…binky to driving is a perfect way to put it. Where did the time go?

Beeba, what you say is so true. I am determined to enjoy every day with her because in 2 short years she’ll be college bound.