Update after surgery

Hi all!I just wanted to check in and let you know they said my surgery was successful. I had complete blockage on the right of csf and many adhesions so he removed the piece of skull, the dura layer and patched with synthetic, all of C1and part of c2 and resecected both tonsils completely in order to restore flow. Ihave a lot of pain of course but Ihave had problems with vision in myright eye and difficulty walking. I was in the hospital for a week and while i was in I had an episode of blindness and other issues they did a cat scan and mri and i have iscemias on my cerebellum and nystagmus in my right eye so we will see what happens.


so happy you are home...i too, spent a full week in hosptital......good to be home, right???

Now, let you body heal....it took me a LONG TIME.....but it was worth it...let people help you.

God Bless,


Tricia, so glad you are home and feel like your surgery was a success.....keep being positive; that goes a long way. The recovery IS a process, but I found I kept improving as time went on......my prayer is the same will happen for you.



Hi everyone!

Hi, sorry it took so long. I have been doing a lot of sleeping and resting. I apparently over did it Monday just straining to go the the bathroom which I didn't think was all that bad. It hurt of course with the pressure headache but I got the chills and then I felt so bad I took a shower and my left arm started to shake and my head started jerking to the left. I started running a fever which I have been running since the surgery at a low grade not getting above 100 or so but it got up to 102 and the headache was horrific. It was the straining headache on a constant basis with every movement. I was freezing cold and sitting up hurt so bad so we went to the ER but they did a CT and said that everything looked normal and had nothing to say about my elevated white cells and fever. They sent me home and back to the surgeon on Tuesday morning. I went for a barium swallow on tuesday morning also because I am having difficulty swallowing but I don't have results yet. The NS said that he was not concerned about the pain or the CT and that everything looked fine also but that it was good that I went to the ER. I am still running a temp though so I am going to ask about that because I don't have any other symptoms of sickness. I was concerned that there was leakage because my headache was so horrific but I don't have a lump or anything around the wound. I still have difficulty walking but it is getting a little better. Nystagmus is still there in the right eye. I have lots of help so I have been blessed to have the kids taken care of and plenty of support for my husband and I.

To Carla, Ischemias are areas where the brain no longer has blood flow. We were very scared because before we saw the surgeon and I had the episode I saw the PA from my NL office who had stopped in and was upset that I was still in the hospital and they were not notified so she called my NL to let him know as well and I asked her if she could tell me what the result were so my NL read them from his office out in Danville and typically Ischemias indicate stroke and I had 3 or 4 areas of that. She was very clear that they are not surgeons and that we need to speak to the surgeon but that when my NL was back in Wilkes-Barre. When the big talk happened it was explained that the ischemias were intentional and needed for the surgery to stop the bleeding because of the tonsil resection. I was concerned because of my balance issues now though and naturally since the brain is so sensitive how can they be sure that these "intentional" ischemias did not cause and issues? They tell me that my walking will get better quickly and it has gotten better but it is not steady by any means. I could not stand up by myself in the hospital though and now I am able to do that so I am positive about that. I know recovery takes a long time and I know I overdid it Monday because I also took the hour drive to the doctor for my stitches to come out and then I did some other stuff so I guess it makes sense that I over did it. I am taking it easier and I slept all day yesterday because of the pain the day/night before so I took the muscle relaxers in double and the pain meds and it seemed the muscle relaxers helped more than the pain meds. Hope all is well with all of you and I will keep you posted.


Carla Stone said:


Sorry to hear that you have had some complications but glad that your surgery was successful. Question, what is iscemias on your cerebellum? I know what nystagmus is, I have that in both eyes. I hope that it clears up for you. Some days are much worse than others. Are you getting a lot of rest and taking care of yourself? I sure hope so! Keep us posted on your progress.