Trying to decide

I am trying to finish my bachelors degree. Right now I only have one quarter left until graduation. When I 1st scheduled my surgery I did it for June 14th. This allowed me to finish the spring quarter and give me 3 weeks before the summer quarter started. Then I got rescheduled for June the 21st. That cut my recovery window before going back to 2 weeks. As you all know 17 hours before surgery I got bumped again. Now I am set for June the 28th. Classes are set for July 2nd. It is all done online. For those that have been through the surgery do you think I can make it over the summer or should I push it to the fall? I am a very determined person.

Fall is not that far away. I would give yourself a little time to get better. This is a major surgery. Your gonna have pain and be tired. You'll need all your strength and energy for healing. Focus should be on that after surgery, not homework. Don't add stress, if it is not mandatory. I hope your the rarity who is full of energy, pain free and ready to jump tall buildings in a single bound two weeks after, but error on the side of caution, and delay it for a short few months. Anyway , good luck with your decision. (i'm 3 months and 3 weeks post op).

Wow....Fall most certainly. I wouldn't consider anything earlier than that. (my surgery was 6/4)

I make 3

Well I think you can do it no problem..... just kidding I had to tease Beeba. I returned back to work (teaching) just 3 weeks after my surgery and I did ok, but there is NO WAY I could have done it that 1st week. You def. need to wait until Fall to start school. You do not want to risk undoing everything. It really is not worth the risk. If it was 3 weeks I would say yes, but not just a few days. What are you studying????

I had a very smooth recovery and I don’t think I could have done school that quickly. Sorry, but I have to side with Beeba on this one. Even though I felt so much better I still was very fatigued.


Good idea to put it off. You really do need to give yourself time to recover. It was three weeks Monday for me and Beeba keeps reminding me of that every time I get frustrated by not being able to do something.

Take care,

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