Prayers! And recovery time?

I have my first appointment with the neurosurgeon on Monday, and would REALLY appreciate prayers!!! I want everything to get worked out, but I'm stressing about missing classes (I'm a freshman in college) to have the surgery done if thats what the neurosurgeon suggests.

How long was your guys' recovery time after surgery? How long before you felt "normal" again? I know obviously I'll need to ask my doctor and surgeon, but thought I'd see what other people's recovery times had been!

Tamara, I was out from wrk for 2.5 months- and I needed every day of that. For me the chiari and the anesthesia put down some of my brain cells- not IQ points- it’s temporary! But it did effect me. Every person is different post op, some need one month, some need one year. I suggest taking a semester off- and hear me out- because if you are not ready when you think you should be it will stress you out like nothing else. Not being ready, or the days leading up to the day of integration back into your life is very stressful. Maybe take the semester off but one online class. If you plan for another semester that’s ok, but be open to changing plans if you need more time, just honor what you are going through and the rest your noggin needs.