Trigeminal Neuralgia, Geniculate and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

I was given the Trigeminal Neuralgia dx yesterday after a year of facial pain. I also experience pain in my throat (inside and out) and terrible, piercing pain in my ear. I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with all three of these facial neuralgias? I am not sure if the pain I am getting is typical for just Trigemial Neuralgia or if it is combined with the other two. My NL said yesterday that TN affects the 2nd nerve route the most and also the 3rd, but it is uncommon for it to cause pain in the ear and over the 1st nerve route. I am trying to get a dx that is exact and it is hard with my NL. Any comments are appreciated. Hope everyone is well today!!!

My NL said that TN is also called the "suicide disease." I can relate to that. It is aweful. I feel like ripping my face off. Lol

I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it.

I have Geniculate Neuralgia. I really don't think you can have all three. They are all very similar and some of the same Cranial Nerves are compressed in all of them. I was diagnosed and had Micro Vascular Decompression Surgery before my CM diagnosis. My surgery was a success. I have found more suicidal people with CM that with any of the three neuralgia's. I promise treatment is not bad. The medication they try is horrible. If you want to call me or I can call you and discuss treatments and whatever you would like to know. Just send me a message. I had ice pick stabbing pain in my ears 24/7 for four years before I was diagnosed & treated. I understand the pain !!!