Facial Pain and Procedures? Any input?

I am experiencing quite a bit of facial pain. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia even before my Chiari dx. It was apparently caused by the compression of the herniation on my facial nerves. I have tried a bunch of different meds to try to control the pain without any success.

I spoke to my NS and he wants to send me to another NS that specializes in this type of pain and the procedures to stop it. There are a few different procedures available. He suggested the Gamma Knife to damage the nerves. I know a few of you have had microdecompression for the TN.

Has anyone had any procedures to stop facial pain etc? If so, are you happy with the result?

I had a Microvascular Decompression Surgery for Geniculate Neuralgia. Which was caused by compressed Cranial Nerves. GN is in the same family as Trigeminal & Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, but more rare. My NS Developed the TN Treatment & is considered the world's expert on TN. I have to take a business call. I will send you some links or you can also Google Dr Peter Janetta and TN. There is also a book written about Dr Janetta & TN called "Working in Small Places". If you would like I can send it to you.

We also have a Great TN forum.

Tracy Z.


There is a Homeopathic spray that may help to lessen your pain. I have had the nerves in my face flair up from time to time, mostly around times of extensive dental work. It is a mixed remedy spray and you use it several times a day until it starts to calm down then when you feel pain after that. Homeopathy has a very good tract record with Trigeminal Neuralgia but it really needs a Homeopath to pin point the right remedy because it's such a deep and persistant problem. There are many Homeopaths that will do consults over the internet or I have a site to help you look one up by zip code.

I have a few links. One for the spray....You can order it for less at Amazon

http://www.kingbio.com/store/catalog/TMJ-Jaw-Formula-p-16229.html The spray may lessen the pain.

A link to a YouTube video of an Indian woman talking about her experience of Homeopathy helping her with TN.


And a link to look up Homeopaths by zip code. You want someone who's main focus is Homeopathy preferably an MD or someone that has been doing it for 15+ years. I don't know how close these people are to you.


Sometimes it takes trying a few remedies before you hit on the right one but once you find one it can help with certain areas of pain. I have a painful Mortons Neuroma that is extremely painful nerve pain and anytime it acts up it feels like a hot knife being twisted in the ball of my foot and makes my cry with pain. I was suppose to get it operated on years ago but didn't. Instead I suffered terrible injections that hurt like heck. Now I just take one or 2 doses of remedy and it goes away with in an hour. Homeopathy can't fix Chiari but it can help with some of the side effects and symptoms.

I thought you MIGHT want to try something like Homeopathy before you decide to have another painful operation.


My MVD was 99.99% successful. I only wish I hadn't suffered for four years before I was correctly diagnosed. Every now & then I have momentary pain. GN affects the cranial nerves deep within your ears. I had ice pick stabbing pain in both ears 24/7 for four years. That lead to my CM diagnosis. My PCP asked me to talk to another patient who had TN & was going to have MVD with my NS. Just from my research & talking with her I do know sometimes after MVD or Gamma Knife treatment it can take several months to see any relief in facial pain. If you ever want to discuss the medications they try & use please let me know. I think I have tried them all. I think most Central Nervous System medications have the same basic side effects: brain fog, memory issues, word recall problems & sever fatigue.

This is a great link for a You Tube Video about TN & all treatment options:



I am in awe of Wendyanne's Homeopathic knowledge & Emmaline's knowledge. They have recommended several products & vitamins that have helped me incredibly. I did & would try anything safe before I considered surgery. Just from talking to you in different chats I know you would also.TN pain can be very severe to say the least.

Wendy, I am going to share your post with the TN forum. Thank you so much for sharing. You Rock as usual !!!


Tracy & Nicole,

CVS also makes a topical homeopathic nerve cream. I haven't tried it but the ingrediants are really great. CVS also will refund any product that doesn't work. So you have nothing to lose. It looks like it would really lessen some of the pain.