Anyone Else Have This? Very Sharp Pain

Hi, I am wondering if anyone else gets very sharp pains (level 9-10) in their head. I get these pains at least once a day and they are only on one side at a time but the side varies. The pain is located around my ear, eye and temple. I am concerned because the pain is so intense and it lasts for about 15 seconds. Has anyone else experienced something like this and if you have, did you talk to a doctor about it and what was said. I get the usual pressure headaches every day but these pains I get are very intense, painful and short lived.

Thank you! Terri

i have no idea what it means but i have the same thing happen except mine is more around my eye and temple and can last from a few minutes to half a day, i dont really get pain by my ear. mine can be on either side but ttends to happen more on my right side.

i get a pain like someones shoved a knitting needle in my head, one side at once and anywhere from my ears forward.makes me curl up in a ball, but thankfully only usually last for a few seconds/minute or two at most.


Yep, I get them too. All over my head. Its a good thing they only last a few seconds. NS didn't seem really concerned about them.

I get them also. Mine started down the left side of my throat, then the left cheek, above my eye and around my ear. It is actually worse now than ever. At first it was dx'd as Trigeminal Neuralgia, now they have dx'd it as Occipital Neuralgia. I am not sure if this is correct, but from what I am understanding from my own research, that is what causes our "Chiari" headaches. I had posted something about ON and Abby said to search older posts about it and also Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you do a google search it gives a lot of information about TN, but not as much about ON. I will tell you, ON is the worst pain that I have experienced in my life. I never thought it could get this bad. I am in the process of being authorized by insurance for Botox injections for the headaches and pain. I am praying that it helps.