Trichotillomania and Preauricular Sinus

I am just posting this to see if anyone with Chiari/Syringomyelia has had these similar issues. When I was younger, I suffered with Trichotillomania (pulling out your hair). I wasn’t diagnosed with Chiari until 40 years of age. So, I can’t help but wonder if that was my body’s way of telling the outside world something was wrong inside when I was younger.

Also, I have what is called a preauricular sinus (looks like a tiny hole in my head by my ear). Although peculiar in sight, this does not cause me any pain or problems.
My purpose in posting these issues is to see if there might be any kind of correlation. This obviously is not scientific study, just seeing if anyone with Chiari or Syringomyelia has or had these medical conditions .
thank you!

My son had that for years. But he felt like his hairs were falling out so he’d pull them out. His appointment with Chiari institute is a couple weeks. I have Chiari and have significant hair loss. Scalp pain too. The nerves that get compressed are responsible for so many symptoms including hair follicles. Not sure if that helps.

:slight_smile:Thank you for your response . It was humbling and hard to post, but I thought if it could help someone it would be worth it.