Hair Loss

Is this a cause of having Chiari? I have been diagnosed with Chiari.....Could it be that my hair is falling out constantly in the shower? I went from extremely thick hair to really thin hair. I know a lot has to do with stress but this is like clumps of hair that I am referring to. Anyone have this happen to them?

That happened to me post baby. I had intense chiari symptoms during pregnancy. I’ve heard of the three month fall out, but mine was extreme. It did grow back and hasn’t happened since.

Do you have a thyroid problem? Lots of people with EDS and Chiari have thyroid issues…

Hello, this happened to me as well. I had my surgery 9 months ago. My hair is filling in wonderfully. I had lost most of my eyelashes and brows also. My pituitary gland was flattened from all of the pressure. My hair is completely different in texture also.

Wow, this is really hair has been falling out for the last couple of years but I had always blamed it on my RA meds, however when I think about it, it has been since my chiari symptoms (which I didn't know I had then) have gotten worse. I have so many diagnosis, and so many meds that I never feel sure of what is causing what!

Yes my hair comes out every time I comb or brush it and not your normal shedding I have large chunks where you can tell where my hair is coming out at.