Anyone on Topomax have problems with major mood swings? I am on 200 mg and am having problems with temperment and rage. I have never been like this and lash out often anymore. Could this possibly be from the recent increase of the medicine?

OH BOY!!!! Did I ever! I was fine on a lower dose, but as soon as they tried to up it, I went nuts. I was miserable to be around and mean as I've ever been. I didn't even like myself. Talk to your doc. Mine has finally realized that I just happen to be sensitive to anti-seizure meds and anti-depressants. Some people can deal with it, but like I said, I knew it was bad when I could hear things coming out of my mouth and couldn't believe it was me saying them. I did not like myself at all.

Yea, that's me. I called the doc today and they are weaning me back down b/c I can't be like this. It's not me and I dont like it!

I am glad that they are weening you off of it. It does work well for some. It's unfortunate that it didn't work for us. I hope that you are able to find something to help.