Mood swings anyone?

Does anyone else find themselves having mood swings? Sometimes I’m fine then all of a sudden I’m mad about something that’s so minor. I have to apologize to my family for “flying off the handle” for no reason. Is this a side effect or am I slowly turning Bi-Polar? I hate the way I react to things sometimes :frowning: HELP!!

oh juda....highly doubt you are turning bi-polar....from my experience , i get cranky,sarcastic, ect...out of pure frustration..and the pain doesn't help either.

i have noticed marked improvement since joining this community...we all need someone to talk to that has been there or is still going thru medical issues.

i also take anti depressant which helps the shrink i see is blunt..." no one can see your illness...they just don't understand"..he was humble enough to tell me he had never heard of chiari.."I had to look it up, and I'm a doctor!" moral support , f o r me is key...b/c this condition is lonley....

are you on any meds??

if you need to vent,rant,rave...whatever...get it off your will help.....i promise.

message me anytime.

god bless you,



i have big mood swings, i get really down because of it, i yell for no reason, i learnt that i was from all my illness and pure frastrations, that now sometimes im able to stop myself,

in a way its like being a ticking time bomb, one min your ticking happily then the next youve exploded, or are about to,

as long as you understand it, and where that is coming from then maybe you could controll it sometimes,


Thank you so much everybody for ur comments. I sat down and read them to my kids so get some understanding of what is going on and to put their minds at ease a little bit. I have 2 boys ages 24 & 20 and I have a daughter who’s 11. They all do their best to take care of me and its important that they know they’re not alone in this either. Thanks again everyone for ur support. Love, Juda the Zipperhead! That’s what my kids call me :slight_smile:


I know exactly what you mean, I am the same way. I sometimes feel it's because I try to continue to be Wonder Woman for my family so I hold in all the pain. Then, I will just snap because I am overwhelmed trying to hide my pain and when I can't anymore, I will fly off the handle too. I just thought it was me...nice to know someone else has mood swings too.

Mood swings, stress, Chiari, frustration and menopause, and the list goes on....can lead to depression. This is a never ending cycle and can destroy relationships with family and friends since so much is misunderstood about the way our brain functions! Loyal family and friends can see through the struggles and help with the pain, others just add to it and make it worse. We have the burden of trying to find our way through the clouds, literally the brain fog- everyday. My hope is that all of you struggling like I have, can find those that understand your issues and are supportive. It is the one balance to an never ending battle. Most of this caused by " You don't look sick" so therefore it is not real.

For all of us battling every day...I don't care if you look sick! I believe all your complaints!


Along with everything else, we have to develop a 'thick' skin. I agree to seek support from those that can handle it!