I was recently prescribed Topamax. I had read back through some older threads but didn't find much about exhaustion/excessive tiredness. The Chiari (almost 1 yr post op) exhausts me to begin with but since starting the Topamx all I want to do is SLEEP!!! I had a few other side affects, but none that have been bothersome enough to stop it. The first week was bad with the nausea, but that subsided..thank god! I just can't seem to function I am so tired all the time. It has helped with my headaches some, but I am in a Chiari "down hill swing" at the moment, so hopefully when I'm on the up side things will be a whole lot better.


I have never been on topomax but a coworker was put on it for migraines. It was probably 3 weeks or so before she got over feeling extremely tired. She was told that she needed to give her body time to adjust to the medication.


Sorry this took me so long to reply.

I took Topomax and it was not helpful for me..everyone is different, however....My main complaint with that drug was the drowsiness too..along with wordfinding...tingling increasing in hand..once i stopped it did the side effects....Topomax has a nickname...Dope-o-max....It made me feel stupid..I had to really , really think about even the minor things i had to do.

How long have you been taking it? Is it helping with the h/a's???

Keep us posted.

You probably read some of my other posts when I talked about topomax with someone else - I was on it for a little over a year (just got off of it after my last and hopefully final surgery!) For the first about 8-12 weeks I was miserable, I felt like a zombie, very tired, sick, but I didn't have any more migraines! After my body adjusted to the meds I felt much better and my only symptom up until I quit the med was word-forgetfulness. I found myself constantly losing words in my memory! I still find myself doing it but not near as often. I also didn't experience any weightloss on it, like most people, but I also haven't gained any weight since quitting it. It is a very strong med and I would suggest that if you have issues on it try to take half a dose in the morning and half at night, that's what i was on (50mg morning, 50mg before bed).

I actutally think I figured out my fatigue. I have been on the Topamax for about 7 weeks. I had some tiredness in the beginning but it seemed to have recently gotten worse. It does help some with the headaches....not a lot though. But any help is better than NO help I guess. I also have POTS and it was like a light bulb went off today. I woke up this morning craving salt. Lol, then this afternoon it clicked for me, why I had been feeling faint, was short of breath, fatigued weak etc. It all made sense. I went and got some gatorade. Hopefully that helps! My BP had actually normalized for quite a while but my Chiari sx have been on an uproar lately. I was prescribed muscle relaxers to be taken at bedtime on a regular basis. I have been on them for a few months. Well, I had decided to just stop taking them (you don't have to wean off of them) and EVERYTHING hit me like a mac truck! My NL had told me that he thought a lot of my issues post op were muscle related, but I thought he was full of crap. I guess he was right afterall. I went back on them but I am still struggling to get things under control again. It is so strange!

Anyone else deal with muscle relaxers long term?

I was prescribed flexiril after my car accident back last January and took them pretty regularly, one or even 2 sometimes at night when I got home from work, and then continued using them after my surgeries, I never had any issues going off of them, but it is hard for me to fall asleep at night since I haven't been on any pain relievers or muscle relaxers.