Tonight I start topamax

I’m really quite nervous about it because of the awful side effects listed.
Would anyone care to share their experience with it? Did it help? Cause bad side effects? What mg were/are you on?
Thanks for the help in advance.


1st off....every one responds to meds differently....hopefully, the Topomax will help and you will have min. side effects.

I however, had a bad experience....deep depression, tingling worsened in both hands, felt 'dumb'.....could not process info quickly and sometimes not at all.

I forgot what mg I was on. Let me know how you do..good luck.




I guess that's what I'm worried about, that I'll feel even worse from the side effects. I feel alright today, after taking it last night, but I guess it takes a few weeks to build up in your system. And even then she wants me to double the dose after 3 weeks. Ugh...

How have you been feeling? Good I hope!

I took it for a few months and it did not work for me. I didnt have any bad side affects either. It’s been awhile so I’m not sure what my dose was. My doctor tried other meds that didnt wok for me either. But everyone is different. Good luck and I pray it works for you.

I too, took topamax for a couple month a few years ago. I did not work for me and I had bad side effects. I think the main one was the numb and tingling in my hands and just the "yuck" feeling all over.

Meds work differently for everyone so I hope it helps you! What other meds have you tried?

I took topamax 7 years ago. It has a lot of drug interaction issues. I had a seizure because of it. Please be careful.

I've tried Verapamil, valium, the "emergency" migraine meds like Imitrex, and NSAIDS, nothing really works. The Topamax isn't so bad for side effects but I'm on a very low dose. It's not working at all yet. It's been a week now. I guess it's suppose to take about a month or so to work? I'm getting a few weird side effects from it but I'm hopeful they will go away and I'm really hoping still that it will help. But ultimately I'm afraid it's just a bandaid over a huge wound and it's not really going to help anything long-term. Especially with my loss of sensations and tingly hands, face, and feet. :(

Thanks for the input ladies. I really appreciate it.

I have tried almost every medication out there for head and neck pain from the chiari. I take nuerontin 2 times a day now. It seems to keep the migraine under control. Also has any tried Botox for pain. I had it in my face, head, neck and shoulders and it did seem to help! With all this pain I am willing to do almost anything to get relief, lol!

Hi Tasha,

Just seeing how you are on the Topomax.....the tingling sensations DO go away once you stop the med..but if it is helping..I guess you have to weigh out the benefit and side effects, ya know?

Does your doc plan on increasing the dose???