So I went to the neurologist and he put me on a “migrane” preventative pill called topiromate (or something like that) this was about a week ago…but now…the past few days I have felt miserable. Like the inside of my body is hot, the back of my neck is stiff, my eyes want to close…I can’t get comfortable. So I have to keep a cold rag on my head in order to sleep.last night my mom told me not to take Amy,ore of the medicine…and she would call the doctor today, it has just really been scaring me…because I’m hoping that’s what it is…I always think the worst. Anyone with me?

Topamax has a lot of side effects when you first start taking it. Numbness and tingling in arms and legs like pins and needles, I noticed it in my face too, change in taste, I got a metallic taste, fatigue, difficulty with concentration, weight loss. A lot of Chiari like symptoms. My side effects went away after a couple weeks of tapering my medicine. If you can handle the side effects you should always give medicine atleast a month before stopping it to see if it’s working and you shouldn’t stop Topamax suddenly you need to taper your dose, but if youre having side effects youre concerned about its always a good idea to check with your doctor. Hope you get some relief soon.

I was also on Topamax. It gave me a lot of the side effects your having. But like Tiffany said you shouldn’t stop taking them, you should work your way off of the meds. The Topamax help me with my headaches for a few months the stopped working for me. I hope you find something that works for you.

Hi Dorie..

I took Topomax for a while with many side effects and had to go off it.

Keep us posted on how you are...we are here for ya!!

Topomax did not help me and I had many side effects so I had to slowly get off if it after a month.

What dosage are you on?

I was also on Topamax. when on it and you feel like you are really hot your body isnt sweating you can eventually dehydrate pass out or go unconcious. I had this problem as well. The doctor immediately took me off the med. So far no med works all have bad side affects on me. I hope your body can accept one of the meds.

I also had a very hard time being on Topamax. It gave me some of my worse headaches along with sever body pains. I am on round 3 of new meds but haven’t found relief yet. I wish you good luck on your appointment

Topamax actually worked amazingly well for my headaches but, at higher doses, caused some horrible side effects for me. I had to taper down, but as soon as I did, most of the side effects went away but the headaches returned. If the side effects are non-existent or tolerable the medication is awesome for headaches, but if the side effects are present they can be dangerous.