The waiting game

Hey guys, just a little update and venting about whats been going on with me. Last month I had 3 MRI’s done Brain, C-spine and T-spine. I really had a hard time cause all of them needed contrast and I have very small veins. Getting an IV started on me is no walk in the park. Plus as may many of you know having to lay flat and still can be very painful with Chiari.

Well I went to see my NL this week to get the results. Turns out they did the wrong MRI I got an L-spine done instead of a C-spine which is the most important one. Some how the nurse who called my insurance mixed up the two. if that’s not bad enough I gave the tech my old MRI studies from October to compare with the new ones. When the reports came back they were read straight forward no mention of the old studies or any changes.

The whole reason for the new MRI’s was to see if there have been any changes. I was so mad I had to wait 4 hours to see my NL and he couldn’t give me any answers. He called up the imaging facility and cursed them out right in front of me. I had been waiting on pins and needles for over a month for those results. Now I have to go back for the Cervical spine MRI next week and then wait again for another 2 weeks to see my NL again.

I’m just so sick of waiting for answers these results will tell me if I need surgery. In the meantime I have been having daily headaches and neck and back pain. I just want the pain to stop and know what the next step in my life is going to be. I feel like I am at a stand still until I know what’s going on. Sorry for the long rant but I am just so angry and had to get it off my chest.

I know the feeling on those MRI’S the had to give me some relaxing meds in order for me to do mine. Call your dr and tell them its too painful to lay there that long you need something to help you out.

Dear Frances:

1st off..NEVER, EVER say you are sorry for sharing your feelings and what is going on with you!!!! That is what we are here for...I cannot even begin to count how many times our community here had 'heard'/ own rant,raves, cannot keep those feelings in..It will only add more stress to you..

Now that my lecture is complete!!!LOL I am so sorry for all you are going grabs me how inept some health care 'professionals' are....

Just a suggestion....Does the place that does your MRI give you a copy of the CD when you leave??? If not..ask for one..also, ask for them to mail you the written report to your home..that is your right as a patient...Do you have copies of past MRI studies? If not...ask the MRI place to please give you copies.

Also, is it possible to call your doctor once you get the written should get to you b4 your next appt with him...maybe over the phone he can talk to you about the new MRI..that waiting for the next appt is so anxiety provoking , for me anyway.

Do you have a NS to also view the new MRI ?????

Keep us updated....Take care!



I would be extremely angry too, but try to relax. Being stressed and tense only makes us feel worse. Hopefully, this time around you will get the results you and your NL are looking for! Please go to the "events/calendar" tab and enter the info for your appts so we can keep abreast of what is happening. Thanks!


So I had my Cervical spine MRI yesterday. I really didn’t want to go. I was sitting in my kitchen crying before I left. I’m just so fed up with it all but I picked myself up and went. When I got there they had to place an IV line for the contrast and they blew my vein in my wrist right near my artery. It hurt so bad I was again in tears. Now it’s black and blue and swollen. Now I am back to waiting for my results again I have to see my NL next week. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Hi...sorry they blew the vein...that can really hurt...I am glad the MRI is over....thanks for the update.let us know how you make out with the results.

Take Care,