Thank you to those that have welcomed me. A little about myself

30 years old, been dealing with headaches, neck pain/tightness a couple migraines my whole life. Also have ADHD was never put on meds until I was 25. Was put on adderall. A couple months after I started the adderall I started having numbness in my right arm and partially in my leg so went to get an MRI. Was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation type 1. Also this year I was diagnosed with Major Depression and G.A.D. Fun stuff.

Did a little research found out that there are a lot of symptoms, it could get worse and require surgery. So I just put in in the back of my mind and continued on with life.

Have had some symptoms that last a couple days here and there since I was diagnosed. Figured eh its just my condition flaring up I'll deal with it. Well just recently in the last few weeks I've been having vision issues, mind you I have 15/20 vision; eyes will dart back and forth real quick and I will have what I call electric shock like feeling from my eyes down through my body. Have an eye Dr. appt. soon to determine if it could be just an eye issue.

Haven't had an MRI since I was originally diagnosed. I have a feeling that another MRI is coming in the near future. Slightly worried about the possibility of surgery but need to just remind myself to worry if it gets to that point.

Thanks for reading, have a good day,


Nice to meet you too. I'm very new to all of this, but have had many of the same problems. Some for years, just treated separately since I'd never had an MRI of my head before. I'll leave the other questions to those who know more. Thanks for sharing.

No NS visit yet. Was mentioned as a possibility after the eye doctor and future MRI. I’m fairly certain i don’t have EDS as the only symptom I have that I saw off the list is CM. I’m ok with the constant neck pressure and headaches and the occasional random symptoms but the vision issues are too much to overlook.

I’ve read that CM could lead to blindness and that worries me more then anything else CM related

Will definitely use the resources available to me on this site. We’ll see what the future battle holds

Josh I’m glad you are seeing an eye doctor and ready for a new MRI. Try to get a cine MRI. Just keep in mind that symptoms change and progress even if there is no visible change on the imaging. Glad you are here and please keep us in the loop.


Eye doctor said everything looked great. Go figure that I wouldn’t have any symptoms while there. MRI scheduled for next week. Let the fun begin.

Ruling things out is always good. Glad you are getting the MRI updated.

I understand how you feel, Josh, about the symptoms being absent at appointments. I’ve had that issue many times, and I wouldn’t doubt that I’ll have that same issue at my Neurology follow-up next Thursday. Seems like it always seems to go that way. Hopefully you find out soon what’s going on.

Been awhile since i last posted… MRI i last had showed no change from the last one i had 5 years ago. Well that doesn’t change the fact that my symptoms have gotten worse in the last month or so. Double vision, pretty bad neck tension and tightness, pain/tightness into shoulders everyday.

Recently switched from Prozac to wellbutrin for depression… since i stopped the Prozac I’ve been having electric shock like symptoms in the back of my neck through my eyes and through my chest (not fun). Best way I can explain it is like jumping into really cold or hot water and having that shock like feeling. It’s like 3 or 4 “zaps” then depending what direction i Move my head can cause it to happen again. The feeling lasts for less then a second but can shoot off 3 quick shocks.

Anyways glad i have an appointment with my GP on Monday and have an appointment with a neurologist in a week. Really starting to get frustrated especially seeing as I haven’t worked in over a year

Forgot to mention that it was a cine MRI they called it an MSV (I think it was?). Said it looked normal. I’ll just have to wait until I speak to a neurologist. One step at a time i guess. Just really don’t like the zaps

Had appointment with neurologist she prescribed me indomethacin to help relieve some if the symptoms and wants me to get my depression and anxiety handled better before speaking with a neurosurgeon.

She showed me my MRI and explained things and how everything worked mentioned that nothing has changed since my MRI in 2009. I’m terrible with asking questions but I remember seeing the cerebellum and the spine and there being a line on the screen where the cerebellum “leaks” into the spinal column and it read 9.6 mm. I should have asked her it that was my herniation…

Anyways i was wondering if anyone had ever been prescribed indomethacin and is so did it help.

I go back in 6 weeks so i can be better prepared next time