Surgery soon

I’m having surgery in 3 days. I’m freaking out. What if something goes wrong. Or if the surgery doesn’t wok. Is this how everyone feels?

I would say yes everyone feels like this in varying degrees. I’m getting more freaked out and mine isn’t until April 5.
Here’s what I keep telling myself. While it may not totally cure everything it will most likely help some things. On the other hand it may help alot. If something goes wrong they will deal with it and I will deal with it.
That said I’m still freaked out. You will do fine. But just know that you’re not alone. This time next week it will be over and you’ll be on your way to getting better. Try to stay busy if you can until your day.

Perfectly normal! I was a wreck the day before my surgery! Just keep in mind that the majority of patients do see improvement. I just got to the point where I had to try it. I couldn't go through my life feeling horrible everyday and not even try the one treatment for the condition knowing that at the least it should prevent worsening of symptoms down the line. So far I have absolutely no regrets! :) Best of luck to you! I hope you have a speedy recovery!