Surgery date set!

It's surgery is set for October 15th with Dr. Oro. Guess I am heading towards my membership in the zipperhead club.. :-)

Wow....surreal, yet looking forward to feeling better....

I couldn't have gotten to this point with any sanity without all of you on this are all awesome~


YOu already know you are in the best hands. Dr Oro was the first Chiari expert I ever heard of. I bought 5 copies of his book to give out to people sooo long ago. I know it's scary but also hopeful. We are all here for you....before and after.


The 15th October is a very lucky day, I had my baby boy. He’s nearly 16 now!!! But will be thinking of you and sending love and luck to you. Stacey :slight_smile:

I guess there are a few of us posting this today! I don't have a date yet tho! Good luck and you will be in my thoughts and prayers!!