Surgery approaching

As my date{Oct 29} to have my surgery grows does my build up of nerves....I am sure I am not alone on this one, as I have read so many times....I swing from thinking it will all be ok to this may be my last birthday or the last time for anything etc... I have not done a living will or written any letters...I thought about it but i dont think I will....I cant imagine that my husband and children...grown children do not already know what they mean to me..should something unexpected happen....I do have concerns about my eight year old niece who my bond with is that of a grandmother/grandaughter...she is very smart and had already suffered the loss of so many loved ones at her tender age...I do not even want her to worry about this at all before hand yet I feel like I need to help her process it...the thoughts of not ever seeing her or my family again get me so emotional that I struggle putting things into perspective.....I really dont have a question here just wanted to vent a little....on a positive...Dr Bejanni is performing my surgery and from what I hear he knows his stuff!!

Thanks Emmaline...I am more comfortable with the decompression surgery, but I also have a tumor{menningioma} back there close to the brain stem as well...not in the best place but my Dr. said if he can get to it safely he will try to rmove it...this makes me the most nervous just because of the location...he did say he would not perform any heroic moves...if he can reach it safely and its an easy removal best case scenario but if not he said he would just close and monitor it or if need be a second surgery.....I just need to put my faith where it belongs!!


It's so hard not to feel that way. Just remember to breath. Taking slow deep breaths that really fill your chest helps me with my anxiety. And know that you are in excellent hands with Dr Bejanni. That is the most important thing...skill of the surgeon. If it really gets to you, you can try some relaxation techniqes. Guided meditation or meditation with a mantra is very soothing. It may take a few times to get used to but you really feel calm afterwards. If you do a search many. many, sites will come up.

We are always here for you when you need to rant or for anything else.


It’s great that you’ve got a date set with a Dr you can get behind! IMHO, preparing for recovery time after can help keep the nerves at bay.
If I can offer anything from my experience? Our family helped put together a “recovery pillow”. A large alternative down pillow with the middle filler pushed to the outer sides to make a flattened surface to create a horse shoe shape or like a rainbow, sewed it off, so the filling stayed in place. This helps you to sleep without rubbing your incisions after you come home.
If you decided to do it, the family can decorate the pillow case for it, or maybe a large sleep shirt. We picked what movies we would watch together in bed, what books they would read to me.
They were as scared as I was about the very things you are facing now. While we did this “stuff” -their word, it soothed.
I hope this might help.

Thanks so much....this sight and you all are a blessing<3

Hi MJ,
I understand your "nerves"...I had my decompression surgery 9/14/12...will be 3 weeks po on Friday. I am starting to feel like my old self now...especially the last couple of days and it gives me alot of hope! The best advice I can give you about the pre-surgery nerves is to try to not think about it too much...and I know that sounds impossible! I'm sure with the symptoms you are dealing with now, it's hard to think at all! I would use soothing music (spa/meditation) to go to sleep with or when I would wake in the middle of the night (when my brain would go crazy!). Try to get alot of rest, spend time with your niece and family and put positive energy or prayer towards your surgery. The pre-surgery stuff is difficult...but after you have your surgery and you start to feel better it will have been worth it! Hang in thoughts are with you!