Study about regulating body temperature

Research question! I know there's quite a few Chiarians and those with EDS that have issues regulating their body temp.

This study makes me wonder if we can take folic acid to help regulate body temperatures.

This study, done on the elderly, showed that taking folic acid every day helped with regulating their body temperature. (TL;DR: This is done by folic acid creating more BH4, and that assists in vasodilation and vascular conductance.)

Has anyone, in either Chiari or the EDS groups, tried taking folic acid to assist with regulating body temp? I know my brain basically gives zero F's when I am too hot or too cold and it would be nice to find something that would help.

What are your thoughts?

Hi, I think this is an interesting idea that theoretically could work but i have some reservations. I have chiari and I also have rheumatoid arthritis. I have been on folic acid for over twelve years, as part of my RA medication regimen, and during that time my body temperature regulation has gotten worse and worse. I haven't read the whole study yet so I don't know what dosage they are talking about so I will reserve judgement until I do. I am currently on 1mg every day and I have found that my symptoms are getting worse as time goes on.

I have both RA and Chiari and I have been on and off folic acid as part of my RA treatment. The folic acid itself doesn't do anything for the RA, but a medication, methotrexate, for RA makes your body's folic acid levels go low, so you have to take the suppliment. I do have problems regulating my body temperature and cannot tolerate extremes of heat or cold well at all. I haven't noticed that the folic acid makes this symptom any better.

Strange! A few years back I was also diagnosed with RA and also have chiari. I wonder how many of us have both and if there is a link?

This is all very interesting to read. I was being tested for a multitude of AI disorders, including RA, when they found the Chiari. I have been experiencing insane issues with temperature changes and extremes. It is so embarassing sometimes, especially at work. Being that it has been almost a year since this original post, I am curious if you tried adding Folic Acid to your daily routine and if it helped.

I hope you have found some relief either way. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

My only thought is that some research regarding folic acid or lack there of in the womb is said to possibly be the cause of some congenital causes of Chiari Malformation. I have read quite a bit since I was diagnosed. I will take a look at the survey. Thanks for sharing.