SSD due to chiari

Has anyone had to file for SS Disability due to the debilitating effects of Chiari? If so, what was the process like and were you approved?

I was wondering the same thing.


Yes, I am on SSDI due to the effects of Chiari.

I applied hubby read me the questions and he typed in all the info. Before you start..make sure you have all the names and info on all your docs, the last day you worked, all meds which you are on and the doses, ect..

I told my doctors that I was applying...this is important so that when they get paperwork from SSDI , they respond back t them quickly..usually it is the doctors that are the hold up.

It took about 3-4 mths for me to hear anything from them....some folks go through a lawyer..I chose not to and if I got denied I would then get a lawyer..thankfully, I was approved the 1st time around.

Be sure to list all your issues , even if they are not related to Chiari..for instance if you are sure to put that down, or suffer depression..ect.

Let me know if you have any more questions..I would be happy to tell you what I know of the process.




I may be wrong about this but my understanding is that SSDI guidelines says you must be considered unable to work for at least 1 yr to get benefits...again, I very well may be wrong..just check it out to see...i will as well.

when do you think you will be ready to return to work?

How are you feeling???


I fought filing for disability for years. I thought I could make myself better. It didn't happen and I kick myself that I didn't do it sooner. My poor husband was so patient with me as usual. I went down to local SS office and applied. The woman there walked me through the whole thing. I was turned down 2 or 3 times and I finally had to go see a judge. He was suppose to be very tough and I had a uncooperative doctor but he believed me. It took a long time and I did have to get a lawyer. We asked at the SS office if they had a list of lawyers that handled alot of SSD cases and they did. My lawyers were fabulous. They say you don't need one until you get turned down. Good luck. Lori's advice (as usuall) is great. Include everything.