Speach Therapy?

How many people are out there that have had a decompression are having serious issues with there speach. When you talk dose it turn into a fatugey strain when you talk alot.Then do you loose thought for words and at time the nerves in your lips and face and toung and throut cause your words to not form. I try to blow my flute and my whle face and lips burn like a ll the mussles are fatugeing. Did you go to speach therapy and did it work.Its not that I dont know what Im trying to say. My mouth and nerves wont allow the words to form. What the heak has happened to me. Im a boneafide retard. Well I sound like one. When I was in a wheel chair people were sympothitic. I didnt see a sever change in the way they talk to me as they do now. I dont want to open my mouth. Gee.OMG!!! I went form a gorilla stance to a duck walk to a talking retard.What lesson am I to learn here? Belive me its a quistion I ask myself on a regular baseis. Well I hope someone has gotten better. From this severe state Ive been in for 4mo. It started a couple mo befor my decompression. If anything its gotten worse.Very seldom to I here my own voice.Its like the crabgrass came in and took over.God bless.