Son's Brain MRI

So my 3 year old went yesterday to have his brain and lower lumbar mri done. I'm not really good at reading these things, so I'm not 100% sure either way on if he has Chiari or not. And I have no clue how to read a lower lumbar for TCS. He goes to the Peds NS tomorrow so I'll know then. But I'm inpatient when it comes to knowing things about him. What do any of you who can read these things think?

They are so right, I am the same way I want answers RIGHT NOW and drive myself nuts wanting the answers, but I would hate for some one to tell you the wrong thing and your life shattered tomorrow because of what someone tells u they think - prayer to u especially during this waiting phase!!

Thank you ladies. I know I have to have the confirmation from a radioligist or NS. I've looked at it and compared it to mine, but there are so many reasons why it would be different, that I just thought I'd see if anyone on here could give me some input. It just drives me CRAZY waiting. I've already waited 4 months to get the things done and really want to know now!! But you are all right. I can make it til tomorrow.

Thank you Beeba. It's the hardest thing I have ever had to think about. When I was diagnosed it didn't really hit me hard, but just the thought of Zane having it is driving me crazy with worry. My nerves have been shot for months now over it. I just need to know and go from there. I will post tomorrow to let ya'll know. Thank you for the thoughts, prayers and support.

Beeba said:

Can't imagine dealing with this. You are in my thoughts. Please let us know what dr says. I am so sorry for your situation.