Small short lived head ach that BOOM BOOM

Does anyone have problems with small shot lived head ach? When I do something like bending over or taking a poop. I get a feeling that goes up my spine then in to the back of my neck. when it gets to my head I get the boom boom head ach. It is short lived last only a few seconds but man it makes me so tired with in 30min to hour. I have to lay down and sleep to get more energy or to be able to do anything. My boyfriend thinks that I am just crazy that a little head ach is not making me that tired. So am I just crazy and just out of shape and lazy or does anyone else have this problem?

On another note does anyone get sweats all over there body. I call it insta-sweat.

Whip vine, the headache you are describing sounds like the valsalva maneuver headache very common with Chiari. You are definitely NOT crazy! It is very painful.


The thing that sucks is that I don't think they are too painful (they are so short) it's just after having them I get so tired.

I couldn't really put it into words what it feels like but I think you head it on the head.( no pun intended) lol. That is what it is like to me but I would add a fire-like burn at the base of my skull at the same time that the pounding is going on. Like how a wasp stings burn feels like. then it just goes away. Sometimes after that happens my hole body feels like I stuck my finger in a light socket, that is when I know that I need to lay down and take a nap. I will let him see your reply but I don't know how much that would do. Thanks now I have a better description of how it feels.

If you have shock sensation with this please advise your Dr as this can indicated brain stem involvement. I get these headaches to, short lived... my daughter does as well and she has syncopal episodes (Vasco vagal).

The brain basically gets jammed up temporarily, like a cork, causing headaches and faintness. My daughter sweats too. You are definitely not alone!