Odd spot for heartbeat; pain in back of head?

I was just wondering how common/odd it is to feel your heartbeat in your low spine. I've noticed that a couple of times lately. The other thing is this pain in the back of my head. It burns alot but when I sit down on my couch or any type of furniture with a "back" on it, I can't lean my head against it because it causes pain all around the back of my head. I have an MRI scheduled on the 5th of September as well as an EMG on my right side. During my first decompression, they only removed bone, so I'm a bit concerned issues have returned. :(



I'm so glad that someone else experiences this. I do too and it totally freaks me out. I find that when I can feel my pulse in my low back it is usually accompanied with pressure at the base of my skull and an uncomfortable pressure feeling where the pulse is in my spine. My thought/fear has been that it could be related to a syrinx or something. I feel like something weird must be happening with the CSF. I haven't had any testing for it. Still trying to convince Drs that I have an issue!

Good luck with your upcoming tests. Hope they can figure things out for you!


I do not experience my heartbeat in my back, but I do feel it in my head, behind my eyes and in the back of my head. I actually had an appointment at the balance center yesterday and the doctor mentioned that when I sit up (without support for my back) I move with my heartbeat. She asked me about it and I said I thought it was my eyes moving. She wasn't sure what it meant, but it seems like my whole body pulses. I also hear my hearteat and I can hear my eyes move. When she asked me I just thought it was normal, that everyone could hear that stuff, but I guess not everyone hears it. She is looking over my test reults with her collegue and will then let me know the results. I am curious to see what they have to say. She said that my vertigo was related to the Chiari, that there were no issues with my inner ear. This Chiari is a very strange condition. I guess we are all just exceptional people :)