Anyone have any ideas to help her? Does the pillow make a difference?

No I just cannot fall asleep each night

A good pillow won't put me to sleep, but it is the difference between waking up with a pain scale of 10/10 or having the right pillow and bringing the pain down to a 3/10 upon waking. Of course this is just my personal opinion, also a really soft blanket helps with comfortability, sometimes having a heavy blanket or just what most ppl consider a normal blanket laying on me hurts me all over. These are simple things that might give her some relief. Does she have a favorite stuffed animal or doll? That might help her emotionally and make her sleep better.whenever my 3 yr old niece spends the night theres a certain animal she wants and as soon as she gets it wil, drift off to sleep.



Rebecca said:

Hi Carol,

I saw your chat post. Most people do not look in the main room chat feature of this site. Its probably best to start a new discussion with your whole question in it. Sorry for the confusion. :)