Sick all the time

Hi everyone,

I posted not long ago about nausea, i still have it everyday does anyone eles? Im just wondering is there anything i can do to easy my symptoms exercise eating certain foods drinking certain drinks anything at all? Id really apperciate any and all replies.

Thanks so much caroline

It helps if I don't extend or flex my neck. Keeping my spine in alignment seems to keep the nausea at bay. Reading with the text at eye level helps.

Hi mary thanks so much for ur reply ill give them a try and hopefully they work for me too thanks again.

Hi Caroline. Are you seeing a NL? If so ask her about promethazine. The NL prescribed promethazine to my daughter for nausea and it seems to work pretty good.

I have been nauseated all the time for the past 6 months. I take Tigan 300 mg three times a day.

maybe try some pepto- and sipping your drinks through a straw VS drinking straight from the cup (tilting head).

have you noticed if you are more nauseated when you are around brighter rooms/lights or busiers areas? i know when all the chiari came about for me it seemed as though any movement made me feel more nauseated and even lights, so you may find if you think about it altering where you are a little bit might help with the nauseating feelings. by wearing dark sunglasses turning lights out etc.. Some other things that made me nauseated were: noises/elevators/escalators/large groups of people moving around/traffic.

ok this has been an issue for me for many yrs.

i take an antinausea pill, METOCLOPRAMIDE 10mg it works wonders,

but also try not to eat bread/pasta high starchy foods, they are harder for the body to obsorb, they are also heavy,

try not to also run your body down,

but the best of all, is GINGER TEA, add a teaspoon of honey have it hot or cold, its very good for you and your not putting more pills in you, you can make a cup and sip it all day and it works very fast, its fantasic,

even ginger christalisted is great, but you cant hide the taste, the tea isnt a strong flavour,

i hope it helps and you can start feeling better


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all ur replies, I dont have a NL as of yet as in ireland we see the NS first werid i knw also chiari isnt really seen as a threat just a bother. Im gonna try everyone of the things and i hope even one of them work for me thanks again

Hugs Caroline

yes i was going to suggest some gingerale soda too...but if you have ginger tea and like it that would be good too.

Thanks Abby for the helpful hints attachment. I'm trying to follow the antifinflammatory diet to keep the inflammation down around my spine. I thinks its working. I've lost 20 pounds and have had a decrease in symptoms over this past 2 months. Keeping a lean weight helps to unburden the spine. I'm going out to buy some ginger tea today. Hope everyone here has a pain, nausea free day.

so sorry you are so ill.....i use ginger ale at times as well as dry toast. i pray you feel better.



i would try not to have fizzy type ales, this can add other problems.

nausea sucks, i got dx with a vomit phobia afew yrs ago, so when i get a belt of it, it mucks around with me big time, also tend to starve myself cause of it, catch 22 for me, but in doing that im storing fat,