OK people with Shunts, I have a question for ya.

It seems like everytime i need to have my shunt number adjusted i can actually hear it making noises-but ONLY when I actually turn or move my head or stand up or sit down if iam sitting still it doesnt make any noise.

it almost sounds like a hose spitting water or something similar (or how if you patch something and put water over it to see if there is a leak and hear that spitting noise that infact there is a leak) i am not exactly sure how to explain the noise to people, and when they "re-set" the numbers in about 2 days the noise going away. But everytime I tell them I hear a noise from the shunt they tell me it is impossible and what i am hearing is comming from my nose, or my ears. and everytime i just want to bop them in the nose for saying something so stupid (lol)-- so my question is does anyone else hear anything with their shunt...

yes i do have tinnitis (?sp) and no its not that two entirely different sounds. I'd just once not to feel like such a freak when i tell my neurosurgeon things-

My husband and I have a theory as to why he says i shouldnt be hearing/feeling things with the shunt because a large% of patients who have shunts have them early in life and have learned to live with them from a young age, I on the other hand only have one for the last 2 yrs (as of 5 days ago) so i notice more changes and different things then what most other people do and while they may not be alarming they are noticeable and distruptive to me and when i say something to the NS about them that is why he has no knowledge because his patients have had one for a longer period of time and has lived with all its idiocies (?sp)

lets me up date this since the shunt was adjusted I not longer hear the noise i was asking about so MMMM must be something related...