Hydrocephalus and LP shunts?

Hello there... I had my decompression surgery on March 18 of this year. Shortly after that i developed Hydrocephalus and had to have a LP shunt put in on April 24. With in the first week of me having the shunt I got very sick and was put back in the hospital. My NS had to reset and adjust the dumping level on the shunt twice. I am still having cramping and nausea. My pain is manageable but is this cramping and nausea normal ... it isnt all the time ... I dont know if my stomach is cramping when my shunt is dumping maybe??? i donno ... but i didnt think i should still be having problems. Has anyone else had problems with shunts??

any infor will help thanks.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


Hi there! It is nice to see that someone else has an LP. My situation was the same ad yours. Don’t give up! Mine was adjusted five times since I had it placed last June. Finally at a five. The nausea could be from over draining. Even though its been almost a year I still get very sore in the abdomen and back. I have to be extremely careful about lifting, twisting an get up slowly. I do have periods midday of extreme nausea. If you want, feel free to message me. It is rare to find anyone with this type is shunt. I couldn’t have a VP dueto extremely small ventricles. Hope this helps.