Shunt after decompression

I had my decompression 2 years ago almost to this day. I now have to have a shunt for excess fluid. Has anyone gone through this? Can you give me advice or pointers.

Don’t have one princess, but I’m sorry you are having problems. Are you in pain? How do feel about this?

I am really getting nervous about it. I just want the pain and discomfort and all the limitations to go away.

What part are you nervous about? I mean I can think of about 5 things I would be nervous about right off the bat…
Is the nervousness coming from a fear it’s going to hurt? Not work? Because I don’t have one I can’t help in the realm of the technical stuff but I can see that your not feeling too great about having it placed. Has your surgeon spent the time with you so your comfortable with the process and the whys and the how’s? Is it a lumbar shunt?

Jcdemar- I am nervous about the surgery and placement, all that comes with it. With the decompression at least I had a little less risk of damage to the brain. This is going into the brain itself and the ventricle. It will be placed on the right side of brain with drainage tube down neck into stomache. I am worried about recovery and if it will work with all my ongoing pain and problems.

Really would like to talk to others who have had them so I can see what to expect, cause really the surgeon can only give me statistic not real life knowledge.

I ever thought I would ever have to ace these kinds of things in my life. so so hard.

I hope the others who have had this done read this post soon so they can chime in. I’m so so sorry.
Ill be thinking about you and saying prayers.


Princess p, how are you doing?

Don’t sweat it too much. I had my decompression May 23, 2012 and needed a shunt placement about January 27, 2013. Of course everybody is different but it is cake compared to the decompression surgery. I had a pretty bad fluid build up (roughly a softball size) so it does take a longer time to take serious effect. My biggest warning is that you will be nauseous and extremly dizzy the first couple of weeks. You need to keep your head wrapped up to help the shunt start the process and your head will not like that and i got sick just laying down. Not trying to scare you, just saying it comes with the territory. Any questions, feel free to ask, always willing to help a fellow chiarian. :slight_smile:

Were you able to return to work Aaron?
What other kinds if after affects and pre surgery symptoms did you have?
I am doing ok

I’m a college student, i did take the spring semester off byt I still remained active with a theatre and comedy troupe I’m in. You’ll be sore for just a few days, it all depends on how severe you are. Like I said the nausea is what hit me the hardest. You will need to keep your head wrapped tightly so the fluid still flows and it lead to some swelling in my face and dizzyness lead to some vomiting.
As far as cuts and scars go, I have about a three inch crescent shaped scar on the right side of my head, (you will be able to feel your shunt in your head, don’t freak) then some curs on the side of my neck and the top of my chest about the length of a penny just from where they feed the tube to your stomach. And a 3-4 inch cut to the right of my belly button. Keep everything clean and heal properly, last thing you want is an infection. But do not expect an instant miracle it will take some time, you will feel better but if your swelling is noticeable it will take a while to go down. Don’t exhert yourself too much, keep yourself occupied during recovery, it is not major as decompression surgery but it is just as important. Oh and if they do staples it is a little more tender when they take them out, just as an FYI.

Thank you for your advise.