Anyone else have an LP shunt?

I was just curious as to if anyone else required an LP shunt after having decompression surgery. I had the PFD surgery and C1 Laminectomy back in February. A few weeks after the surgery I started having severe headaches and vision loss again. It took several months, and a trip to the ophthalmologist (papilledema in rt retina), to determine that I yet again was suffering from hydrocephalus. AHHHH! Okay sorry had to get that off my chest. Anyway, the surgeon could not place a VP shunt due to the fact that my brain ventricles are WAY TOO SMALL (his words). So I ended up with an LP shunt in June. I am still having difficulty. First they overdrained me and I spent two weeks lying down unable to stand up. Now it is not low enough again. I am just frustrated and wonder why I would have hydrocephalus after decompression anyway. Has this happened to anyone else?