Second Look- Suggegested not to open dura


Has anyone had a:

1.severe herniation (sophia's is 26MM)

2. scoliosis (sophia's 34 degrees on top and 28 degrees below)

3. with NO synrix and asymptomatic and had the dura opened?

My daughter is 5 and the above is her situation. One doctor says remove c1, open dura, shrink tonsiles and no duraplasty.

Another doctor, just remove the c1. in 6 months do a check to see if the scolossi is better and the size of the herniation. if no improvement then discuss the more aggressive surgery.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Hi Sophia,s mum.I had my dura opened and left open and have now developed a pseudomeningcele because of it,so Id be inclined to go for the 2nd option.


With no symptoms I would go w/the 2nd option. He doesn't want to remove the C1 but do a laminectomy of the bone, right? I would not worry about the size of the herniation at this point. This can change, improve, as a child grows.