Decompression surgery

okay my 5 year old goes in for decompression surgery monday the 22nd the doctor said that he is just going to take bone from c1 c2 and c3 that he is not opening the dura he said that it leaves a chance for a second surgery but it is unlikely my worries are that 1 he made it sound alot more dangerous for him to open the dura so i kinda dont want him to but at the same time i dont want my daughter to go thur a 2nd surgery if we can just fix it the first time im not sure what to do any thoughts?

I agree with you. I would want them to do everything possible in the first surgery to prevent the need for any further surgeries. From what I have read, there is a greater risk for complications if the dura is opened, but a greater risk for the need for further surgeries if it is not opened. My 5 yr. old granddaughter's NS believes in doing everything possible in the surgery so she will not have to do any further work.

Why is he taking bone from C1,2 and 3. How significant is her Chiari?

By the way, my granddaughter had no complications from the surgery and at 5 months out is doing great.

her chiari is 17 mm it goes down to the top of c3. the ns said because her cyrnx is so small he does not see any reason to open dura but i would feel much better if he did because you hear alot about doctors getting in and saying it looks alot worse then they saw on the MRI so i feel that he cant know for sure how bad it is inless you does what he can! and i really dont want to put my daughter threw another surgery knowing that we could have fixed it with the first! but some times i wonder if i am over thinking! very happy to hear your grand daughter is doing great!!! how long did it take for her to recover?