Scar opened

Hey I had a fusion and decompression revision 7 weeks a ago with no problems. A few minutes ago I touched the back if my scar and it wet with blood, there’s an opening of the scar… Not sure what to do.
199-image.jpg (1.36 MB)

Definitely call and tell the doctor. It does look a lot like what happened to my scar when my interior sutures dissolved though so hopefully it's nothing to be be concerned about!

Hi Jenn! I’m glad your doing well after surgery! I would definitely call my NS just to be safe. My picture didn’t come in clear either must be the iPad. From what I could see overall your incision looks like it is healing nicely except a small red spot just like Beeba said. I would make sure to keep it clean and dry. Rest up and take care of yourself let us know how you are doing!

I had an opening similar to that after decompression surgery, although it was not leaking blood, just wet. I went in to see the doctor and they cleaned it up and bandaged and had me come back in a couple days to check. I would definitely get it looked at to be safe. Sometimes on a spot that is in a bend it is more difficult for them to get it stitched. Good luck. Karen

I went to the doctor but it was scabbed over by the time I got there so she just left it alone. Who knows, but no infection or fever so I guess no big deal, it just scared me a little cause it’s actually been 10 weeks, not seven. Thanks for your responses :slight_smile: