Leak or infection!

I posted two weeks ago about the scabs and funny feeling around my incision (16 weeks post op now). Saw my PCP today and she picked the scabs which this time did not have a stitch in them but fluid came out. So it is being cultured to see if its an infection or spinal fluid. Called dr tew’s nurse and talked to her again and she said she will talk to dr tew to see if he wants to go ahead and get a MRI or wait until the labs come back.

I didnt think a spinal fluid leak would leave a scab like thing on my incision? Guess I don’t know what it would be besides a wet feeling and I haven’t noticed that but she said it could be a small leak that I might not even notice?!

I haven’t had a fever but man do I have a headache now from her picking and squeezing it!

I am a nervous wreck playing the waiting game again! I could not handle another surgery so I really hope it is nothing!

I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Let us know when you find out.

I hope it's not a leak. But I'll tell u what mine was like. I had surgery in March and beginning of April I had headaches that were horrible and nothing helped. then I found Little lumps in my neck an Mir showed it was a leak. My doc did not do surgery instead he put a catheter in back to drain all fluid for 10 days I had to lye In the hospital bed. He said it would hopefully help the patch to seal. He also put a needle in my head to inject more glue. It totally sucked but it worked. Hope it gets figured out for u soon. Let me know

Some spinal fluid leaks seal on their own, especially if they are very small. Please don't be upset lay flat on your back. It will help your headaches and help seal the leak, if there is a minor one. You can also drink caffeine and it will help. Pain medications help also. Have you had any neck pain?

I have been having a lot of neck pain and stiffness to where I can barely move my head up or down but then a few hours after getting up in the morning it goes away. Still waiting on test results and will go from there. I will be asking for an MRI regardless of what the test results are though. I would rather have peace of mind then worrying, plus I don’t have to pay out of pocket for any MRI’s so might as well get it done.

Exactly Beeba, I missed 2 days of work this week from a migraine after my appointment on Monday. Still no call on test results and I have called as well. I also have 2 new scabs on my incision again that just popped up since yesterday. My migraine is finally gone but it was one of the worse ones yet. And now it is just a constant pressure type headache in the back and still have major neck and shoulder pain.

I will get an MRI done regardless of test results… something just doesn’t seem right for being 16 weeks post op now!