Leaking fluid from incision?

I am 9 weeks post op and my incision has not given me any problems until now. I started feeling a pulling pain at the top a few days ago. Yesterday it was painfull to touch. Now there is a bump and clear fluid oozing out, I have a pressure headache also. Should I visit the ER? It’s not red and I have no fever but it is painful.

It’s not a lot of fluid… And it’s stopped now. I have a headache though. Prob going to call dr now. Thanks :wink: xo

Heading to the hospital ;( On call Dr said it sounds like spinal fluid.

So sorry you are going through this. Please keep us posted!

Yes.....that warrants an ER Visit.

Please let us know what you find out. I had a CSF Leak & it's not a good thing and can become very serious.

Defiantly spinal fluid. Dr is lost… He doesn’t know why after 9 weeks of no issues why I’m leaking fluid now? They re stitched the are of institution that its leaking from. They are worried about my BP. 81/42 was the last reading. I have been admitted and this hospital is where I had surgery. They are great :wink: Thanks for motivating me to get this taken care if. I always hate to bother people. I will keep you posted. Xo

Please do let us know how you are doing......Everyone does care !!!

What did he use for a Dura patch?


How are you feeling now??? How is your BP??? That is so low...81/42....

keep us in the loop!

Hi guys, BP is a little higher now. They put some machine on my arms and legs to pump my blood. They pushed 3 bags of fluids in me and I’m feeling much better. My back is killing me from the spinal tap ;( They still don’t know why I’m leaking fluid but think it could be a reaction to the dura patch. I’m on steroids and they are hopeful this will help with the reaction. They stitched my insition again and shaved my head… Lol Hopefully I can go home later today. Thanks so much for your concern. Support from you guys and a supportive hubby (who’s had no sleep) really helps. Xoxo

Oh, Good..you are feeling better! Thanks for letting us know....if you are up to it ..let us now when you are home. So happy your husband is so caring and supportive. HE'S A KEEPER!!!!LOL

So glad you went and got things checked out! I had some very slight leakage from about week 9 to 11. It was kind of a clear/beige color. Luckily it stopped on it's own. My NS said because mine followed the pattern of my internal stitches that it was probably them dissolving and causing inflammation that was letting a little bit of spinal fluid slip through. I hope they find out what is causing your leak and that you get to go home ASAP! Glad you are feeling better and have your husband caring for you!

I’m heading home :wink: I go back to get my new stitches out on Tuesday. They think because my incision healed so well and quick ( they actually took pics of my scar after 2 weeks because they never saw one heal so quick)the fluid could not escape early. I may have a reaction to the patch and the spinal fluid took a long time to escape. Hopefully the steroids will help. All my body pains and nausea all this time was probably symptoms of a reaction to the Dura patch. Makes sense now :wink: Thanks again guys… I hope my experience can help someone in the future. NS was very surprised at what’s happening to me. He’s never seen this before in a patient 2 months post op! That’s me… A rare kind :wink: xoxo

I'm so glad that you're heading home : ) I hope things improve for you from here!


So sorry to hear you had a leak. I've not been on this site for quite a while. I'm still off work...my PCP has been very detailed in taking care of me.--However, I expect my job to terminate me any day. I'm greatly improved and hope to be work worthy soon. I hope you are feeling much better by now. Please keep in touch.