Please help! csf leak or not?

Iam 5 days post op from a dura graft repair.My mum changed my dressing before and there is a watery patch with a hint of blood in it! is this a csf leak? I didnt leak through th incision last time so Iam unsure what this is.

thanks guys

Denise x

Thanks for your reply,Ive phoned and left a message.Will keep my eye on it,was only a little but if I get anymore then Ill go straight in xx

Emmaline said:

Not sure, did you call your NS? They would ask you the proper questions to check for it. I think most get a headache if they have a leak...

Let us know what you find out.

I agree with Emmaline. Please contact your NS or the NS on call. If the problem persists please go to the ER. I had a CSF Leak, but it was from a MVD surgery & has totally different symptoms. Please do not just let it go though. You can develop Meningitis from CSF leaks. I am not trying to scare you. I just want you to know how important it is to contact your Doctor or Emergency Room.

Thanks everyone for your messages,

Denise x

Well turns out that yellow fluid is an infection in my incision! so painful its unreal.Knew something was a miss because after the decompression my scar was numb and was for mths after but this time its so red and painful but put it down to having it re opened again.Cant even have my stitches out on monday because the doctor said the incision will open up due to the infection! has anyone else had an infection in theirs?

Denise x

I am SO sorry you have an infection :( Hopefully the antibiotics will clear it right up. Hugs :)


Just a Tip : If you can get some Arnica cream and put in on your incision. If you have antibiotic cream from the doctor or over the counter mix the two.1/3 Arnica and 2/3 antibiotic cream. It will help heal it and make it less painful. Any health food store sells it. Use gloves or a sterile q-tip to put it on.

I hope you feel better soon. Infections are really painful.


Thanks everyone,dont know what Id do without u all.Your in America and me in England,thank god for this support network


Denise xx