Results today

It is finally thursday!!!! I go see my neurosurgeon today to get the results of the MRI of my head, neck & spine. I hope he says that surgery will bring some relief, I don't know what I am going to do if he says lets wait, like my gp thinks he will....wait for what??? for me to commit suicide because I cant take it any more?? I have never understood that comment, lets wait and see...see how much more I can take?? see how much worse it can get???

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be saying I want brain surgery,....but...if it would bring back some of my normal life back, I'd do it in a heartbeat!!

So, at 2 i leave for my appointment, it is in Kenora, a 2 hour drive. My appointment is at 4:15...wish me luck!!!!


God Bless your GP...I am hoping she felt as though she was comforting you with her statements.

Only the NS will give you his input...NL's and GP's are really not quailfied to even comment on my opinion.

Travel safe to the anyone going with you...I hope.

Pls updated us ASAP.

Blessings..We are here for you.


Good Luck I hope this guy can ease your mind with a plan to relieve your symptoms! I will tell u what, it seemed to me that they are much easier to deal with KNOWING I will have relief in the near future! I will be having surgery on Mon 17th and the I'm not nervous, I'm excited to be the person I once was! I can't wait to stand for more than 15mins without pain and laugh hard and loud without having to grab my head and squeeze~!~

Have safe travels and keep us updated!!