Spencer’s doctor gave him no restrictions for gym or recess. Part of me is breathing a sigh of relief, but the overprotective mother in me is worried that he’ll bang his head or something and trigger chiari symptoms. I think we are in a tiny minority knowing the chiari is there before horrible symptoms ruin his life, but I’m hoping some one knows if going without restrictions is risky. His herniation is 9mm. Rest and comfort to all!

I would say that each case is individual and each person has different symptoms. But for me personally, I can’t jump and can’t be really active, move my head quickly, it hurts! It makes me very dizzy. I wouldn’t know if it was okay for your son or not. But gym class can be a bit rough…

I would send a note to the office, nurse, teacher, and the coach stating what your kiddo has just to let them know that if he is feeling ill/off that he may sit out AND to take him seriously when he complains.

Spencer’s mom said:

Thanks, Tasha. I expect if there’s no pain, then there’s no problem with activity. It helps to hear others’ experience with issues that come up.

I can totally understand how scary that is! Hunter has restrictions (right now), but when they are lifted I will be very overprotective and will probally drive myself insane. Do the teachers know to watch? Will they call you at the slightest accident? Maybe you can ask them to call (if that's what you want). Hunter is 6 and I can't control his running too much. I knwo a classroom full of students makes it difficult for a teacher to see everything but maybe the awareness? I know how scary this is and I feel for you!