Are there limited activities my 9 yr old granddaughter should avoid?

My granddaughter wants to be a cheerleader one day so she started tumbling classes a couple of yrs ago, before being diagnosed wirh CM. The doctors are saying this is fine but I’ve heard different. Should I been concerned?


Beeba is right on as usual !!! The only thing I would add since I am a water person & have been for life. No diving even from the side of the pool.The force makes my head explode & I feel like I could stroke out. She is young so this shouldn't matter but I was specifically told no SCUBA Diving because of the high pressure.

If it doesn’t bother her don’t worry. She is a child, please don’t take that away from her by limiting activities unnecessarily. My daughter has CM1 and she was havind black outs, headaches, ect last year. Now, she seems symptom free and is tumbeling in pe at school. She is probably old enough to judge for herself what feels OK and what hurts.
With my daughter I do continue to educate her about Chiari and the related illness symptoms. I also ask her when she has pain what she has done lately and she can usually figure out what may have triggered the symptoms. Allowing her to decide for herself (with my queries in her mind) she makes very hood decisions regarding her activities.
I suggest just helping her to be aware of potential risks and teaching her to be self aware without making her self conscious is probably sufficient. You want her to feel as if she can conquer the world… not just the Chiari.

My daughter is 16 was diagnosed at 15 first dr told her to quit all sports the second specialist told her to do whatever she wanted as long as her motor skills were there. She’s a hockey goalie for a rep team and her high school hockey team, she plays hockey with the boys in the summer and runs and does athletic race/obstacle competitions it might be what keeps her going some days .she says she feels it’s all she has left and keeps her going so I’m not about to take that away from her.

Let her try what she wants. Just make sure she tells you when something does effect her. I did roller derby until this year due to my back problems. When i was practicing, the adrenaline kept me going. I didnt feel anything but the adrenaline and when I got home, imrested with a heating pad. If she gets aches, have her take a couple ibuprofin before she does the tumbling. That has always helped me when practicing. Thanks to my latest mri, I wont ever be going back to actively skating but I can still skate and teach the new kids. So trust me when I say this. As long as you make a deal with her about being honest about pains and aches, let her try. Of course I would make sure she doesnt do the things that would jar her around but other than that, let her try. If something ends up causing pain, she will know not to do that again, and she will learn what her boundaries are. And in time she will learn just how far she can push said boundaries.

After surgery rest and acupuncture but no extreme stuff for months and years. Numbness can be treated with acupuncture also. I have gained amazing feeling near my scar from getting treatment 3 x a week

Also i had visual and dizzy problems the older i got so watch and listen to her cause she will try to ignore a lot of physical “signs” that seam maybe normal. I had urinary problems and body weakness ( couldnt run a mile, but was a fast runner, til 20 along with focus issues. What ever the body is willing to do is fine for now. I wouldnt suggest limits on a child that could develop into an adult that is afraid or depressed cause she was afraid to succeed. Good luck. Im sure its hard for a child

Thank you all for the great info! This was so helpful.