How to make school aware

How do I go about informing the school of what my son is not allowed to do because of his surgery. So afraid one wrong move while playing he will get hurt. we are almost four weeks post op. any suggestions.

He’s six and we don’t have a school nurse. But principle said we all would talk just have to have documents to prove he had it surgery scars aren’t proof enough.

Hi there, have the surgeon send a letter explaining what he can't do. My son skipped about 6 weeks of gym and when he went outside at recess he had to sit at a picnic table with friends, also for about 6 weeks. The aids shadowed him during these times at school. You have to be aggressive and vocal about how the school needs to watch over your son post opp. My school was very accommodating. I'm sure yours will be too. Appoint one person to over see his watch like the school nurse or lead teacher or both. He'll be fine. Also, my son did half days at school the first week back. Hope this helps!

Thanks this does

Thanks for this post as i am going to have a meeting with the principle at my sons achool tomorrow.short and briefy my son has chiari I malformation and has an iep in place with extra adult supervision outside of his classroom setting.yes last tueaday my five year had his legs flipped from behind him in pe class.landed him right on his face.with a huge knot over top his left eye (pe teacher didn’t notice) sent my aon back on his way to his regular class teacher.that teacher immediately sent my son to nurse who called me.i thought he was okay until je had glazed over look at bedtime and was vomiting and visit at midnite diagnosis head injury and concussion.yea now to deal with justifications of other kids behavior and what unsupervised pe teacher.when pe teacher and everyone lnows about the chiari and brain lesions my little guy has. Its just mind boggling

We talked with the school counselor and got Frew a 504 plan for the year. I also let all of his teachers know. I also emailed info about chiari and explained what Drew has gone through over the past few years and what his surgery entailed. He started highschool 6 weeks after his decompression surgery and has done pretty well.

My son is 7 decompressed in 2011. He had an accident at school 4 months post op he had a grade 3 concussion and lost hearing and vision on left side for 8 months. He did home bound school at that point. Now I’ve actually been fighting the school to get a plan in order to protect him, but since he us on honor roll there isn’t much help they can give him. I’ve had to get letters from doctors. Good luck

I totally agree with beeba and mommajam! You must advocate for him and explain to him several times what he can and cannot do. I would suggest no gym class (pe) for 6 months. That’s just me-my 4,5 year old daughter is fearless and we are always in the ER for her mishaps at school and home, can’t take my eyes of her for a second-she wants to be a circus performer… Yikes. Anyway, he needs to know explicitly (IMHO) what will happen if he gets hurt. Ie: end up in the hospital with possible multiple problems etc. I ask my daughter if she wants to go live with the drs in the hospital everytime she starts scaling the walls. Ultimately, it is the schools responsibility to care for your son while he is there. Letter from NS is best thing. I like beebas idea just casually mentioning the lawyers “advice” that alone should make her hop to it! My husband found a video, it’s very explicit and explains everything they are doing as they are doing it-it is in French however… If you’d like I can find the link. Just PM me here. Good luck!!

Hi, I also got the school OT involved and my son uses a yoga ball in the classroom now. I have given school "team" all of the medical reports and asked them to Google Chiari Malformation, so they are in the loop.

Hi, my daughter is 9 year old. She was dx with CM when she was just a little over 1. The MRI suggest she has CM and the Neurosurgeon was going to put a shunt in place but then discussed with other Neurosurgeons who all said because there was no pressure on the brain because the fluid was on the outside they would closely monitor her and of course if she started showing symptoms to notify them. She has always had a large head. She is dev. delayed with fine motor, cognitive, and speech. She wears hearing aids. My problem with the school is, they think she is 100% stubborn and refuses to do her work. She has always had an IEP. When she was going into the first grade I asked to please hold her back. The refused and said they would modify things for her. When it was time for 2nd grade, I again begged to hold her back because she was so behind and immature. She was having accident (potty) almost everyday. I know she was stressed out because when there was a 2 wk break, no accidents at home. Went back to school and by the middle of the week it was happening again. On her evaluation they had all the proof there showing she was struggling but still advanced her to 2nd grade. During 2nd grade I got more aggressive and had an advocate come with me. Still didn't help. I wanted reduced spelling words and to lighten up her homework loadT. The principal said to me, ok so what if we hold her back and it doesn't show any improvement..then what?? I said well then I have the satisfaction of knowing I tried and not waiting til high school and regretting it. Her concerns were socially it can affect them. I said well I believe you make it thru life by academics skills, not social skills. Towards the end of last year, I wanted her tested for cognitive delay because I knew she had one and the school refused to believe that. I took information into the IEP meeting to explain CM and how it affects the brain. They finally tested her and sure enough I was right. They held her back finally last year and it has made some difference with her maturity level and math. Don't get me wrong, my daughter is 100% strong headed and that is what has helped her get thru, but its more then that.