Question for those who have had decompression


I am over 3 yrs post op and though I am glad I had it done..I still have some struggle..balance, visual and my memory is SHOT!!

This morning I asked Victoria what time she got home last night and she snapped at me..."You were up knitting and we talked!!"

Guys, I do not remember that ..that scares me....forgetting stuff is one thing....but having a talk with my girls..while knitting....

anyone ever have this happen??

Thanks Gang,



This happens to me alot, but it is usually after I have taken my Ambien. I am trying to wean myself off of it because of it. Do you think it could be made worse by the medications that you take? I know it is frustrating especially when it makes others angry or they lose patience with us :(

Maybe I'm just old and that is why ths happens to me! LOL!


Lori, I was going to ask you the same thing as Carla. Did you take anything to sleep? Ambien can make you do weird things at night. If you need a laugh, read the insert for ambien side effects.

Hope you have a good week!



My memory has became terrible since my op....I forget massive chunks of things that have happened. I was always very very good at remember details of events. Now, i forget yesterday, last week and last year. I'm not on meds any more either. Its a tricky one, I'm in hope that my memory will start improving and its just the last thing that will recover from my surgery 4 years ago....

Hi Guys....

I do not take Abien....I do take Trazodone for sleep...but never had memory issues from it..been taking it for many yrs.

Thanks for replying,