Question: Did NS open the dura or not?

Hi Gang,

My niece is having surgery next Monday...she has a large syrinx in C-spine along with Chiari. Her surgeon is NOT going to open the dura.

Has anyone here had decompression WITHOUT the dura open..and if are you doing????

Thanks for any and all input.

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Hi, not sure about that. With my surgery, the dura was opened. How is the surgeon going to get down to where the Chiari is without opening the dura? I’m really not sure how it all works. Hope all goes well :slight_smile:

Thanks CrysF......

My thoughts exactly!!!!!

If the Dura is not open, how can the surgeon insure that enough space has been made for the brain? Seems like a set up for a second Decompression surgery to actually give enough space for the brain. Doesn’t seem like its a NS with a lot of experience with Chiari. Glad you are asking the right questions.

Hi…She is 25 yrs old…thanks!!

Hmmmmm…not sure then, I would ask the NS the purpose…will keep her in prayer

thanks, hun!!!

See, my niece feels like her NS is the best..b/c the hospital she works at told her 'We take care of our own, go see her.'..thus Meg feel confident with this NS....I don't to over-step my bounds and scare her, ya know.....I have mentioned the dura is usually opened to make more room..ect..and that my surgeon is the Chief NS in Rhode Island..that is where I had mine done and that is where Meg lives....I now live 6 hrs away.....I guess all I can do is pray for a good outcome...I don't want to beat a dead horse, so to speak...any suggestions. thanks