Need Input..from those who had to have decompression more than once

Hi Guys.....

My niece is visiting from RI..she is 24 yrs old and is scheduled for decompression next Tues....she also has a large syrinx on upper C-Spine.

Her NS does NOT plan on opening the dura...of course NS said she will know more once she is 'IN'.

Meg is very nervous, naturally...I am trying my best to give her my experiences, strength and hope..she had been 'blown off' by the medical community for yrs...calling her Sx's H/a"s and 'nerves'!!! She has many Symptoms, facial numbness, chest pain (she had cardiac work-up which was fine). Meg also has no support at home.....her mom is making this all about her.."Poor me, My daughter has to have surgery!"...I am praying for a good out come for her....I am just unsure about the not opening the dura part.

So, I guess my questions are: How many of you who had decompression had duraplasty and how many have not had the dura open ???? What were your outcomes??? many of you guys have had to have a "RE-DO"



I have encouraged Meg to join our group....I just think she is just so scared and overwhelmed feels like crap...I hope she does join us soon....she is just a sweetie!!!!

All your input would be great.

PS: Get this, the only reason she found out about the CM/SM is b/c she is actually an MRI Tech and she volunteeered to be scanned to check out a new MRI machine...then...WOW.....