Upcoming decompression. Looking for advice

I just found out I will be having the decompression surgery, I don’t have the date yet but the doctor talked as though it would be soon. My CINE MRI showed complete blockage on one side of my spinal fluid with each heart beat. I have battled a long time to come to this point but now that I am here, I’m absolutely terrified. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or stories on things that made it easier for you to mentally (and physcially) prepare for the surgery and recovery. Are there any tricks or small things you did to make things easier for you during the recovery process. I am the single mother of a just turned 3 year old daughter. I am afraid of how she is going to react to this. Im just looking for any thing that could be beneficial in any way. Thank you for letting me get it out and any help would be tremendously appreciated!

Hi Sarah:

Carla brought up my concerns…your little one…you will need peace and quiet and 3 yrs olds aren’t really known for that!!!

I was in the hospital for 7 or 8 days and very weak when I got home…but after a couple of weeks I began to regain strength.

I tried to get ’ all my ducks in a row’ before surgery…kids situated, bills paid …crap like that…

Where do you live??? Where is the surgery???

Keep us updated…God Bless,