Problems with your tailbone?

I had decompression surgery in June 2010. I then lost about 30 pounds from surgery and, among other things, my tailbone started to really hurt. I jokingly told my husband it was because I no longer had a butt to cushion it! But now I have put some of the weight back on and my tailbone hurts even more! It hurts when I cough or sneeze, when I strain my neck forward, and especially when I am sitting down and then stand up. I did not have any falls that I can recall, so I really don’t know what is going on. My neurosurgeon ordered a CT scan and an MRI for tomorrow, but in the back of my mind, I think it is related to either the ACM or SM. Anyone else have this issue, heard of it, or even have any ideas??!


I am glad your NS ordered CT and MRI…Let us know what turns up.

I have never heard of tailbone issues and Chiari …but you never know!

Good Luck!


The MRI and CT scan showed no visible fractures or surgical issues. I has an xray of my lower lumbar yesterday and am now being sent to the spine clinic. So I don’t know what is causing my pain to get continuously worse, is it caused by the Chiari or SM? Hopefully I will have answers sooner rather than later.

I saw a physical therapist a few days ago, and she is pretty confident the pain I am having is directly related to the previous surgery where I had a fascia lata (July 2010). After the surgery, I began walking with a limp and favoring my left side, therefore using different muscles and straining my lower pelvic floor muscles (tailbone region). I just had another surgery, last Monday, to correct my last fascia lata (it didn’t scar over properly, so my muscle underneath was herniating out), and this time I am taking physical therapy, walking with a cane, and sitting on a donut-type thing to help heal everything properly.